Bedroom Costumes

Don’t you just love dressing up? I love dressing up, and dressing up in the bedroom certainly turns me on. When I worked for escorts in Heathrow services, I used to dress up all the time to surprise my dates. They never really knew who they were going to meet at the door. I have to say that all of my dates during my time at London escorts really liked it. I sort of drew them into my own little fantasy world. A more appropriate term would be fantasy worlds, I had so many different characters that I liked to have fun with on my dates.

One of my favorite dress up costumes, and that all of my dates at Heathrow escorts services enjoyed, was an Egyptian queen. I used to out on a wig and dress exactly like her. My colleagues at Heathrow escorts used to laugh, and think it was good fun, but my dates just loved it. it took them away from every day life into a fantasy world of sexy ancient Egypt. I used to pretend that they were my kings and sit at their feet. When the date finished, they always had a really big smile on their faces and I think they must have enjoyed it as they always came back for more.

The thing was, I seldom let my Heathrow escorts date meet the same character twice, unless they requested a special character. Another favorite of mine was the French maid. She was also very popular with my London escorts dates. Fifi, that was her name, always met them at the door and was ready with her dusters. A lot of the dates were very dirty and needed dusting off. This soon became a very popular came and many of my more senior gents enjoyed playing it.

Of course, we had a really naughty and bossy lady as well. She was based on Helga from Allo, Allo and used to enjoy bossing people about. Some of my Heathrow escorts dates were a bit frighten of her and knew that they had to behave when she was around. Looking back at my time at Heathrow escorts, my version of Helga was the most popular character. Her black leather uniform used to turn a lot of people on and she had a naughty little twinkle in her eye as well. I miss playing her a lot but I am afraid my husband is not into this character.

Even though I have left London escorts services, I play around with a lot of different characters. My husband thinks it is great fun. I always manage to surprise him. Before he met me he was not into role playing but now he certainly enjoys some of my characters. He says that he finds it relaxing after a long hard day at work. I find it fun as well and I think it is one of my little fetishes that is always going to stay with me from my time with Heathrow escorts.

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