Escorting is controlling my life

I never thought that I would get so involved with escorting, but now that I have been working for Arsenal escorts in for three years, I can tell you that it can take over your life and I feel that is what has happened to me. Other jobs can probably take over your life as well, but I am sure that working for an escort service in London is one of the worst things you can do if you would like to remain in control of your life.

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Sure. Working on escorting has a lot of advantages as well. I know that I earn a lot more money than other girls my age do. When I speak to the girls that I went to school with, it is clear that many of them are having a hard time earning money. They are stuck in dead end jobs, and they do wonder why I have such a great lifestyle. I am never going to tell them about Arsenal escorts as I don’t want my parents to find that I am an escort in London.

Do you become a bit of a recluse when you work for an escort agency in London? During my time with Arsenal escorts, I have not had so much time to go out. Sure, I meet up with old friends and some of the girls from Arsenal escorts. However, a lot of escorts speak about feeling watched and I think it could be one of the hazard. It is like you are doing something a little bit naughty and do want to be found out. Anyway, that is very much how I feel about working for the escort agency in Arsenal.

Have I set myself any specific goals? One of the things that I learned when I joined my first escort agency, was that a lot of escorts set goals. It makes it easier for you to cope with all of the hard work and sometimes the problems you come across. I think that if you went around and asked the girls at Arsenal escorts services, they would tell you that they all have different goals and would like to achieve them.

Do I have any goals? I did set myself some goals. My first goal which I should achieve if I stay on with Arsenal escorts for another year, is to buy my own place. After that I am going to work for another year, and get what the girls call a retirement plan. That means that all of the money you earn during that year goes towards your retirement from escorting. It is a pretty smart way of working, and once girls have achieved that, I think that you will find that they normally leave the London escorts service and move on to do something else. What that is going to be in my case I really don’t know, but I am pretty sure that I will find something to do, even if it is just working in a shop in London to keep control of my expenses.

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