just a tid bit lol since clearly i dont think this…

just a tid bit lol since clearly i dont think this person who originaly posted this knows wtf there saying lol candy tar =Opium/heroin Chocolate bar is simply a hash bar/hash brownie (opium on his hash bar) picadilly was a big reason for Roberts Drug experimenting this is real simple stuff to research most of it has been actualy proven Piccadilly was a Huge drug spot in london in the 70s the song is mainly Being tempted bye stuff he knows is not ment for him which u did nail on the head with the mrs brown section and Booga wooga is a un offensive word for vagina … and also sneakers lol she had brown suger all over her booga wooga ( her color is brown as surgar i.e her vagina is also lol ) simple stuff

this song didnt imply nothing with homo sexuality so u ppl need to leave that part alone this was more on drugs and being a woman lover which he clearly was 14+ kids (mostly his and adopoted) Cough* y most of them damian etc was born in UK!!!

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