Sex tourism in London

I was on my way back to London from Cornwall on the train when I cam across an article in the Daily Mail about sex tourism in London. Apparently, after Bangkok, London is now the sex tourism capital of the world. I was not surprised as I knew that Woodford escorts agency is not the only London escort agency which is super busy at the moment. Some central London escort agencies, are recruiting like mad from other escort agencies such as Woodford escorts agency just to keep up with the demand for escorts in London.

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At the moment, very few girls from countries such as Poland, are coming to London to work as escorts. Many of them are worried about the future of the UK, and I can understand that they are worried as we really don’t know what is going to happen. This is really affecting the escort industry in London, and for the first time ever, even Woodford escorts, have vacancies available. Getting a break is not easy, but there are only so many hours per day you can work. It is a people business, and it can be exhausting at times.

The sex party scene has become huge in London. Unlike sex parties in many other European capitals, the sex parties in London are classy affairs. The Woodford escorts who go to sex parties say that lots of visitors to London like the sex parties in the capital, because they have some rules. For instance, you cannot go to sex parties in London, and take photos. This happens a lot on the continent apparently and the photos seem to end up here there and everywhere. I am not sure that I would want that myself.

London’s Soho district is still booming no matter what anybody say about it. The Red Light district in Amsterdam, used to be very popular but since it has been cleaned up, it has kind of become sterile. I went there with a couple of my friends from Wood Green escorts, and it felt like it was a bit like going with the family. To be fair, it was boring and I did not get a kick out of it at all. I have much more fun going around Soho with my friends from Woodford escorts.

Then we have all of the classical sex clubs in London. The Hell Fire club in London is more popular than ever according to a couple of Woodford escorts who attend the club on a regular basis. I have not been for a while, but I do know that the Hellfire club markets towards the international sex tourist market these days. There is nothing wrong with that. Do I think that sex tourism in London will become even more popular as time goes on. I think that it will. It is cheap to travel to the UK because of the weak currency, and if you like to party in London, there are some great places to do so when you start looking around.

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