Things You Must Know About Living in London

Lots of girls from places like Poland are still coming to London hoping to become models. Some of them come via agencies which have promised them the earth. They expect to end up like models and actresses, but on fact, many of these girls end up in completely different industries. The problem is that many foreign girls, do believe everything which is said to them before they leave their home countries. You need to be careful before you pack your bags and go. Believe me, I have met many of these girls at Upton Park escorts.

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I am not saying there is anything wrong with Upton Park escorts, but the girls are very naïve when it comes to certain things. The girls think that they are going to make a fortune modeling in London, buy their own place and go back to their home countries in a couple of years time as very rich young ladies. That is very far from the truth. London is one of the most expensive cities to live in the world, and you are far better of realising that London property will be out of your reach.

Other girls I have met at Upton Park escorts, have been promised that they are going to be introduced to rich gents who would like to marry them. Is that true? Yes, they may be introduced to gentlemen, but I am not sure that these gents are really ready to marry them at all. Most of them would just like a sex companion on the side, and may not even want to pay the girls a wage. It would be so much better to find yourself a Sugar Daddy instead. Do all gents treat these girls right? Of course, they do end up used and abused.

Are you going to be able to party all of the time in London? London is even expensive when it comes to partying, and eating out can be very expensive. You are much more likely ending up eating junk food to keep yourself on your feet, and is that really what you want to do. Going out drinking and partying all night is also out of the question – it is just too expensive to do so all of the time. Most of the time, I only go out when I have dinner dates at Upton Park escorts.

Before you jump on the bus to London, make sure that you do know a little bit more. Sure, I know you may have been to that modeling contest, and you have been told that the guy who is traveling with you to London, has load of contacts. He may do, but what sort of contacts are they. The fact is that many girls who arrive in London, are effectively traded as sex slaves, and do not know how to get out if it. Some of them may find their way home, others are not so lucky. A couple of the girls here at Upton Park escorts, are from Poland, and I know that they were promised the earth before they left their home country. No honey, you are not going to be the next super model in London, and date celebs every night.

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