Understanding The Difference Between Hardcore And Soft-Core Adult Dvds


In the world of adult DVDs there are two main categories – soft-core and hardcore. If you are completely new to this world and its definitions, you may be justifiably curious about what the actual differences, if any, are between films that fall into either category. After all, all adult DVDs that are legally available are rated R. In the following post we will briefly look at the major differences and two variations on what seem to be the exact same thing exists.

Although we spoke of the two distinct categories at the outset, these could be broken down further into three – soft-core, semi-hardcore and hardcore.


Soft-core typically feature scenes of simulated sexual intercourse and other sexual acts without actually showing genitalia or penetration. Normally, the only form of nudity shown in soft-core adult movies is naked breasts. There are also no ejaculatory fluids shown either.

Soft-core is mostly found on late night premium cable and satellite channels.


Semi-hardcore is often referred to as “Hotel Hardcore” as it is the kind of movies you would see on hotel and motel adult movie channels. Although penetration and genitalia are shown, no hardcore forms of sex such as anal sex are shown and while ejaculation is hinted at, it is never shown.
Interestingly Hotel Hardcore forms a bit part of the type of films that bring in income for hotels, with one source claiming that around 2/3 of all movies ordered in hotel rooms being porn.


Hardcore adult films feature full penetration with a wide variety of different forms of sex and sexual intercourse. Ejaculation is normally shown at the end of the film, with the action forming the build up to what is known as the ‘money shot’.

Hardcore is the most popular form of adult films watched by porn consumers. It is particularly popular on the internet, where you can find a vast majority of hardcore movies available to view without having to pay a cent.

Each of the three categories above is broken down further into specific genres and special interests. For instance, you can view adult movies that are aimed at people who are interested in seeing people of specific heights, sizes, shapes, genders, sexual orientation and even skin color having sex.

Although the adult movie industry is a serious business, it doesn’t often take itself too seriously and you can also find adult “reworkings” of famous movies – normally with pun-filled titles such as “Good Will Humping”.

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